The evolution of strategies to win at blackjack

What began as a technical magazine for more than twenty years ago, has come a long way so far. A new generation of more powerful systems for blackjack arrived on the scene, and with the widest range of options available. Are you wondering what kind of system is best suited to you. To help you make this choice, this article will explain the best systems adaptable to the game blackjack.

The first good system for the game of Blackjack was published in September 1956 in the “Journal of the American Statistical Association.” Developed by Baldwin, Cantey, Maisel, and McDermott, this system is based on a strategy that can give the blackjack player a long-term advantage that a player and craps, roulette, keno, slots or not. The document received little attention at the time because he was in a technical journal. However, after reading and trying to understand the system, Dr. Edward 0. Thorp inspired card counting, a practice not allowed in the casino, which if used properly, can give advantages to the player.

The first attempt of Thorp was a system based on count 5 (five-count system) even if it is currently known for his system to count 10 (ten-count system) described in his “Beat the Dealer”, first published time in 1962. The edition of 1966 is an improved version of the “ten-count system” and $ 2.45 per copy, it is still one of the best-selling books on blackjack.

Thorp’s book contains most of all that was known of blackkjack in the early 60′s. The first edition contained within itself a reflection axes, splitting and their use in the decision of the bets to be made. The book also introduced what was thought to be the last system, that of counting the points as a guide to bet while using the system to count 10.
The second edition contained an improvement of the basic approach and the income of the Hig-low, which was introduced by Harvey Dubner at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in 1963. The great publicity that he received his book and great sales people over the years have led many to believe that you can beat the casino in blackjack online thanks to mathematics.

At the Fall Computer Conference 1963 which was held in Las Vegas, Professor Thorp was master of ceremonies for an evening of discussion of studies on the relationship between gambling and the use of the computer. The next conference was held in Las Vegas in 1963 The autumn mixed computer conference held in Las Vegas was in 1965. Between the two editions, was launched a challenge to the computer to see which way a computer could run a game, though the odds of the computer have been modest, the results convinced the managers casino that computers could actually help the players and that at least a system that reported by Thorp could actually win.
The early 60′s many things have changed: the game of blackjack has become much more popular, casinos have taken measures against card counters were invented systems of card counting easier and higher yield.