Counting cards in blackjack: how to develop speed and endurance

I often use the analogy of a boxer when I speak of the practice card counting, a boxer trains both speed and his stamina. In fact boxers use two different bags, a “speed bag” for punches rapid, as the jab and another sack large and heavy for the punches more powerful. A countdown of one deck is your “speed bag” just practice with it as quickly as possible while maintaining the accuracy of the count. To build your endurance, start counting two decks mixed together (do not forget to remove 3 cards, as usual, to verify the accuracy of the count). When you can do two sets of 40 seconds, go with 6 decks. Mix all six decks together, then cut by 5 or 6 stacks of cards on the table and count them until the end as fast as possible. Your goal in this case, will complete the exercise in less than 2 minutes, ideally in 1:30. The reason why we use multiple decks, although we are training to the game with only one deck, is due to the fact that we must train to maintain the count for a long period of time and also to get used to wide swings in the count. The running count for a single deck will rarely above or below 10, but these scores will still be obtained in a countdown of six packs and you need to get used to this. Session in this way with a lot of distractions around is a good thing. Do this with the noise of children, with the TV on, or your dog barking and develop the ability to keep track of the count even when you are in a casino.

Some of the tricks

Learn to count backwards from an odd number and climbing two by two. All know how to count “2, 4, 6,” etc., But few of us can count on “11, 9, 7, 5, 3″ very quickly. This is a good exercise to do while driving. Inizate 25 to M5, and then again, so there “will give” in your head and it will be useful at the table when the count will be high and will come out all those 20 or Blackjack. If you get bored, take the same route backwards from an even number, just to keep in shape.
When, for any reason, your counting is interrupted, repeat yourself the count over and over again. Suppose you’re working at home and the small Margaux or your son, Corky (it is not true that every card counter is a wine lover?), It’s a matter of “life or death” to ask you. If you come to one count of M6, repeat only “M6, M6, M6″ in your mind as you listen to them. You will know that you are making good progress when you TALK to them and at the same time remember the count! The practice will allow that to happen.