Guide to Online Blackjack: Rules for playing blackjack in casino

The game of Blackjack originated in France in the eighteenth century and is the most popular game in casinos around the world.
The basic rules of Blackjack are quickly and easily assimilated, the objective of Blackjack is to reach a score of 21 or beat the dealer’s score, trying to get as close as possible to the sum of 21 are just showing, otherwise you bust.

It is played with 6 decks of 52 cards each and the rules are the following: the cards are shuffled at the beginning of each new game, the Ace is worth 1 or 11 chosen by the player, each figure is worth 10 points, cards 2 to 10 are worth their face value. The minimum score is 17 the dealer, then the dealer is obligated to call card with 16 points or less as it is forced to stay with 17 points or more.

The minimum score of the player is 12, so it must take another card when the total is less than 12, it is forbidden to ask when the total is equal to 21, in all other cases, the request is at the discretion of the player.

Configurations and game options


The player who gets 21 with the first two cards have made Black Jack (which takes 21) and the payment of the winning is in the ratio of 3 to 2 or 1.5 times your bet.


In case of a tie with the dealer the shot is null (Push), and the bet on that hand is returned.
The Ace in the dealer is always 11 except when it involves overcoming 21.


If the player’s first two cards totaling 9, 10 or 11 he can double the mail (if you have enough credit), even if already at the top, but with the right to pull a single card (Double Pay). In the case is doubled with an 8 and with an Ace (11), receiving a 2, is obtained 11 and not 21, that is the eventual Ace of the pair of opening that leads to the Double is always 1, any 2? obtained as 3 ^ ace card is worth 1 or 11 depending on the best score.


The player who receives two cards of the same numerical value can be separated into two hands (Split) always the claim and ‘enough; must then focus on the second hand a sum equal to the initial bet and ask the number of cards you want for each. In this release, you can ‘do split once, only the first hand.

If the player splits a pair of aces receive one card on each of them. If the received card is a 10 or Figure, the maximum score achievable is always 21 (21 Natural) and Black Jack ever.


When the Dealer’s first card is an Ace, the player can insure themselves against the eventuality? the dealer face Black Jack by performing Insurance with a bet equal to half the initial bet always the claim and ‘enough. If the dealer gets blackjack insurance is paid 2 to 1, if you do not shape Black Jack insurance is lost.

Game dynamics

The Dealer serving the cards from a shoe containing 6 decks. Before the cards are served, the player must choose the BET LIMIT, limit the minimum and maximum bet (0.2 to 2?, From 2 to 20 € from 10 to 50?), And must place his bet by clicking on the chips from 10? cent to € 100 until it reaches the desired digit to bet.
Once the papers are served, the bet can not be changed.

The player receives two cards face up while the dealer one card face up. The player can take all the cards he wants to get high, provided? has not reached 21.
Once the player has reached the score that considers sufficient and stops, the dealer takes another card and start playing, according to the rules.

The evolution of strategies to win at blackjack

What began as a technical magazine for more than twenty years ago, has come a long way so far. A new generation of more powerful systems for blackjack arrived on the scene, and with the widest range of options available. Are you wondering what kind of system is best suited to you. To help you make this choice, this article will explain the best systems adaptable to the game blackjack.

The first good system for the game of Blackjack was published in September 1956 in the “Journal of the American Statistical Association.” Developed by Baldwin, Cantey, Maisel, and McDermott, this system is based on a strategy that can give the blackjack player a long-term advantage that a player and craps, roulette, keno, slots or not. The document received little attention at the time because he was in a technical journal. However, after reading and trying to understand the system, Dr. Edward 0. Thorp inspired card counting, a practice not allowed in the casino, which if used properly, can give advantages to the player.

The first attempt of Thorp was a system based on count 5 (five-count system) even if it is currently known for his system to count 10 (ten-count system) described in his “Beat the Dealer”, first published time in 1962. The edition of 1966 is an improved version of the “ten-count system” and $ 2.45 per copy, it is still one of the best-selling books on blackjack.

Thorp’s book contains most of all that was known of blackkjack in the early 60′s. The first edition contained within itself a reflection axes, splitting and their use in the decision of the bets to be made. The book also introduced what was thought to be the last system, that of counting the points as a guide to bet while using the system to count 10.
The second edition contained an improvement of the basic approach and the income of the Hig-low, which was introduced by Harvey Dubner at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in 1963. The great publicity that he received his book and great sales people over the years have led many to believe that you can beat the casino in blackjack online thanks to mathematics.

At the Fall Computer Conference 1963 which was held in Las Vegas, Professor Thorp was master of ceremonies for an evening of discussion of studies on the relationship between gambling and the use of the computer. The next conference was held in Las Vegas in 1963 The autumn mixed computer conference held in Las Vegas was in 1965. Between the two editions, was launched a challenge to the computer to see which way a computer could run a game, though the odds of the computer have been modest, the results convinced the managers casino that computers could actually help the players and that at least a system that reported by Thorp could actually win.
The early 60′s many things have changed: the game of blackjack has become much more popular, casinos have taken measures against card counters were invented systems of card counting easier and higher yield.

Baccarat, introduction to the easier casino game

During my last visit to a traditional casino, I set the goal of exploring the area of ​​the tables of baccarat. The experience for me was more than special, because the tables were not placed in the main area dedicated to table games in the casino. There were a lot of people crowded around the various tables, such as those dedicated to poker in its many variations, or roulette, Sic Bo, Craps and Blackjack. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to identify any baccarat table. But when I have identified the area reserved for that game, I noticed that there breathed a great excitement.

Looking for Baccarat

Once you’re in the sumptuous hall, I saw three men sitting at a table across the room. Looking table to table, I noticed that some of these were surrounded by well-dressed people, and other customers from normal-looking, certainly tidy but not in evening dress. I headed to the table where sat the three supervisors, asking them permission to shoot across the room. I wanted to play, but I had not the courage to join with one of the tables. So, I walked around the room and I noticed that they seemed very relaxed, even at those tables where the minimum were quite high.

Introduction to Baccarat

There was a table from the least high enough to not have any player. Mmmm! I was wondering why! In the end, I was pondering to myself, to reach a table where customers seemed to feel particularly at ease. So, it was at this table that took place my introduction to baccarat, a Tuesday afternoon in autumn.

The dealer was very helpful, assisting me during the course of the game. You see, the game looks, seen from outside, tangled and complex, because many of the players are dressed in an important way. However, I have not heard arrogance, at least at my table, and I had a wonderful experience. So positive, that the next morning, the first thing I went to look for a site of online baccarat.

Within 10 minutes I had already found a lot of sites to choose from, and among them I chose what I thought to be more reliable, Casino Tropez. What I did not know at the time was that this particular online casino was also one of the best, if not THE best gambling sites on the internet. Obviously, my luck had already begun.

Baccarat online is another game

Of course, being a newcomer to the game of baccarat, I was a little worried (just a little, mind you) that perhaps the online version of this classic game would have been different from the one I played in the casino, however, everything seemed wonderfully familiar. In addition, the website provided all kinds of rules, strategies, tips and lessons on how to play (to my delight).

So, if what you are looking for action, fun and class, without the need for look so elegant, Baccarat online is definitely the best answer to your needs

Responsible Gambling: European ECA campaign in casinos

‘Please, play responsibly’. It’s the polite but steely invitation of the first European campaign on responsible gaming launched by the ECA, the European Casino Association, which represents almost one thousand casinos in twenty-seven European countries. As of March 14, every casino in writing to the association may affix the recent approval on your site and also on all marketing and advertising campaigns that will put in place, so as to invite their customers to play responsibly.

The project is the work of the European marketing team (one of the working groups established under ECA), led by the Italian Carlo Pagan, who is also a board member of the association, and in addition to the effects of ‘social’ in terms of raising awareness on an issue that is increasingly a subject of public attention, it will also beneficial in terms of raising awareness of the ECA in 27 European countries in which represents casinos. The next step by ECA will be to establish a brand that certifies companies that follow certain standards for the prevention and treatment of ludopatia.

Back in 2017 the European Casino Association had published a ‘working paper’ on responsible gaming in Europe. “Based on the experience of its members – it says – the ECA considers of utmost importance to address the issue of responsible gaming. The promotion of responsible gaming embraces the concept of informed citizen who encourages and supports the ECA”.

Moreover, “the promotion of responsible best online gambling canada in casinos land is in their own interest than that of their customers. An exercise social responsibility and addressing the problems associated with gambling is a ‘conditio sine qua non’ for casino operators, important both in terms of reputation and credibility. To this end, the casinos are fully engaged in creating a safe and responsible gaming environment. Customers have a right to expect that commitment! The land-based casinos – it emphasizes still – are fully involved in the field of responsible gaming. Given the clear legal framework for land-based casinos, operators in different Member States have developed specific programs, measures and practices to address the problem of irresponsible gambling. Each of these activities is in line with national restrictions and there are more voluntary codes of industry, including the security programs of the player.

As a result, the prevalence of irresponsible gambling in casinos on the ground is low and well controlled. This unfortunately is not always the case when you look at gaming from a distance through technologies (internet, mobile phones, dial-in services and digital TV). In many Member States (it is a text written in 2017 ed) there are no rules or regulations are not sufficient to control gambling through distance technologies. In addition to a situation where control of remote gambling is less advanced, it is important to understand that gambling has a different risk profile than other types of gambling. Given the accessibility of different gambling at a distance, new measures will be needed to address the increased risk of compulsive gambling, which is the major risk factor for problem gambling. “

Bonus for bigger bettors baccarat

The Live VIP Baccarat is one of the latest innovation in gambling, this innovation allows you to make the gaming experience as real as possible. If we think of the fact that gambling has made its entry on the World Wide Web just a dozen years ago, since then we must admit that this reality has conquered a large part of this technology existing in the world.

Initially, there was much skepticism about the creation of simulations of salt casino on the Internet. It took a bit ‘of time before these websites prove credible in the eyes of the public and before a serious industry regulation would lead to the closure of websites that do not comply with the standards in force. The recognition by the public of honest sites and those welcome was followed by their adhering to these portals, proving their regulation and law. The audience of this industry is a knowledgeable public and updated and operators are well aware of, which is why they work with the aim to fulfill all desires.

Enjoy the advantages of large bets

Baccarat is becoming one of the most popular card games in the casino online. The Online Players Association, the most respected authority of casino games on the web, recommended that customers try to play baccarat in all its versions. There is a traditional game of baccarat is to deploy the player and the dealer two cards each and the players bet either on the player or on the bench, to get closer to the magical “nine”.

Mini Baccarat is played on a much smaller scale and without the charm found in the traditional game. The sites also have another version of the game called Baccarat Progressive (also Mini Baccarat Progressive), where there are different prizes for players who participate in a bet on the jackpot of Baccarat. Recently, the “gods” of Baccarat have created a new genre of game called Live VIP Baccarat.

A Marvel of Modern Technology

Through the development of a transmission webcam, customers can participate in the online casino casinos casino live through their websites. The members of the Online Casino Players Association have urged OPA installed this new technology for the benefit of the customers. The Live VIP Baccarat has the same rules of the traditional game with an advantage. At the high roller in one hand, Live Baccarat is given the privilege of “peep” hole cards or the dealer or the player before others are aware of the value of these. Therefore, the highest roll gets to know the total score of the cards dealt before anyone else.

In business, this is called “squeezing” and the information is sent privately and directly to the highest bettor through a secondary video feed.

Live VIP Baccarat is increasingly popular, month after month, and is already becoming one of the highlights of the Asian market.

Counting cards in blackjack: how to develop speed and endurance

I often use the analogy of a boxer when I speak of the practice card counting, a boxer trains both speed and his stamina. In fact boxers use two different bags, a “speed bag” for punches rapid, as the jab and another sack large and heavy for the punches more powerful. A countdown of one deck is your “speed bag” just practice with it as quickly as possible while maintaining the accuracy of the count. To build your endurance, start counting two decks mixed together (do not forget to remove 3 cards, as usual, to verify the accuracy of the count). When you can do two sets of 40 seconds, go with 6 decks. Mix all six decks together, then cut by 5 or 6 stacks of cards on the table and count them until the end as fast as possible. Your goal in this case, will complete the exercise in less than 2 minutes, ideally in 1:30. The reason why we use multiple decks, although we are training to the game with only one deck, is due to the fact that we must train to maintain the count for a long period of time and also to get used to wide swings in the count. The running count for a single deck will rarely above or below 10, but these scores will still be obtained in a countdown of six packs and you need to get used to this. Session in this way with a lot of distractions around is a good thing. Do this with the noise of children, with the TV on, or your dog barking and develop the ability to keep track of the count even when you are in a casino.

Some of the tricks

Learn to count backwards from an odd number and climbing two by two. All know how to count “2, 4, 6,” etc., But few of us can count on “11, 9, 7, 5, 3″ very quickly. This is a good exercise to do while driving. Inizate 25 to M5, and then again, so there “will give” in your head and it will be useful at the table when the count will be high and will come out all those 20 or Blackjack. If you get bored, take the same route backwards from an even number, just to keep in shape.
When, for any reason, your counting is interrupted, repeat yourself the count over and over again. Suppose you’re working at home and the small Margaux or your son, Corky (it is not true that every card counter is a wine lover?), It’s a matter of “life or death” to ask you. If you come to one count of M6, repeat only “M6, M6, M6″ in your mind as you listen to them. You will know that you are making good progress when you TALK to them and at the same time remember the count! The practice will allow that to happen.

The styles of play in Texas Hold’em Poker

As regards the types of game the main difference is between normal, turbo, flash, satellites and step-up.
Normal: normal structure in their sit-have game levels that increase every 10 minutes with a starting stack of 1,500 chips.
Turbo: this kind of sit’n’go have a struttra of rapid game with levels that increase every 5 minutes (but on some rooms may be from 4 or 6 minutes) the stack of departure is the same as that in the case of the sit normal . In some rooms the hotel may be even more extreme and you may find the super turbo levels for 3 minutes.
Normally the game levels start from 10/20 (Small Blind and Big Blind) increasing by a factor x2 every level change, but you might find some small variation depending on the poker room.

Hold’em Poker Game

Flash is a type of sit very explosive with very fast which can vary from 1 to 3 minutes, but above all with a very low initial stack that can go from 100 to 300 chips depending on the poker room.
Satellites are sit’n’go qualifying tournament buy-in played with normal or turbo structure and starting stack of 1,500 chips, the winner of the sit won the ticket to the event in question.
Step-up: Italian poker rooms have recently expanded the range of sit qualifying with step-up which is a normal sit’n’go aims to win a ticket to qualify for an event buy-in level. These camps are exactly identical to normal, but have a different structure prizes. In general, the steps are divided into 4 levels and qualify for the next level goes to the first 2, and the last level you win a ticket for the main event.

Texas holdem no limit: Out and Odds

Texas Holdem no Limit

The key to make our game beneficial in the long term, is contained in two words: odds and pot odds. These two words represent the mathematical basis of the THE. Know when it is appropriate to call a raise and how much to bet to make the project an opponent’s disadvantage, is a fundamental element of a strategy of profitable game.
The odds are the relationship between us bad cards and cards in our favor.
The pot odds are the relationship between income and can bet.

Playing cards, Casino chips

What do you mean by out?

Outs are all useful cards that can improve your combination.
For example, if you are dealt two cards of the same suit, and the flop you find the other two in that suit, the remaining cards in the deck that will allow you to close the flush is 13-4 = 9. We therefore would say, in this case, that our out are 9.
In essence a project can be played profitably if the pot odds are more favorable the odds, or rather when the chips you win by completing the project are higher than you will lose in all the times you do not complete it.
The odds are therefore, in simple words, the odds of completing your combination, and can readily be calculated by knowing the number of outs.
In the above case our odds of closing the flushdraw so the cards will be unfavorable to us remained in the game (47-9 = 38), compared to 9 out in our favor: ≈ 38:9 4,22:1. This means that we have a 19% chance of hitting your flush with the fall of the next card.